Arabic Internet Biblical Seminary

How to Understand This Website and Sign Up for the Internet Biblical Seminary Courses

Internet Biblical Seminary

I have found this website to be not easy to understand.

It took a while to understand it. I have heard from the ministry that they might change it in the future and it might be easier to understand.

If you want to take internet courses on the Internet Biblical Seminary, first go to the link Explore Groups.

On the link Explore Groups, you will see a link called IBS Groups. You will see around 15 Christian Organizations listed on this link.

If you click on the link for one organization, such as ACSI CEU Provider, you will see these words: Group, Website, Ministry Description, Course Catalog, and Study Programs. Please click on the link Course Catalog. This link will show you what courses are available through this ministry. After you click on the link, you will see Course Name, Publisher, Language, and Course Description.

If the language that you are looking for is not offered by this organization, you need to click on the links for the other organizations, and then click on the link called Course Catalog until you find the language you are interested in. After you find the course you want to take, you first need to Register and then Login. After you Register and Login, there is a link to Apply for Admission to this Group.

The seven languages in the pull down menu to the top left side of the website allow you to see some of the words on this website in other languages.

All of these courses offered on this website are internet courses. If you want to order courses on paper, there is a way to order some of the courses on

I think you have to first register and login to find out how you may order some courses on paper at

I heard that there might be some new languages of courses available in the future. Please check back on the website in the future to see if they have added more languages.